Woven edge, double sided satin ribbon
satin ribbon

(GBP per 100m)

Please click below for double sided satin shade cards, B, C or D.

Shades from card "B"
Shades from card "C"
Double sided satin ribbonDouble sided satin ribbondouble sided satin ribbon
satin ribbon
Size 3mm 7mm 10mm 15mm 25mm 35/38mm 50mm 70mm
GBP per 100m from 12.85 13.56 15.71 19.70 26.97 38.55 50.55 72.87

The shade range cards above are marked "B"
& "C"

"Buy-now" option for bulk/whole reel orders HERE (Discounts available on bulk orders).


Buy small/sample order quantities of some shade/width options HERE

Minimum order quantity:

Card "B" Widths = All widths(except 3mm) & colours = 100m per colour. 3mm minimum order is 200m
Ribbon shades in sizes 7mm to 70mm from card "B" are also available to order
on 20m reels (+33% surcharge) minimum as above still apply.

Card "C" Widths = 3mm, & 7mm are supplied on 500m reels & 10mm, to 50mm on 250m reels.
Product codes: RIB/DS+WIDTH+COLOUR(i.e C355 or C15 etc)+ QUANTITY

All prices shown on this site are in GBP, pounds sterling.

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